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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Step 2...Done

I'm home!!  Oh my, how I love being home.  I love my people and my place.  So thankful to be back!

I have been thinking on the second half of our Vancouver trip...and what I have come up with is this:
The body of Christ is amazing when it is in action.

We spent 6 weeks living in a faithful couple's basement.  We had never met them before this trip.  They welcomed us in like family.

We re-joined our old small group and church for this time.  They welcomed us back like family.

I gave away a small gift each day of radiation as a way to live out this joy I have.  Many of my Instagram peeps (I don't really like to call them followers) commented that they (and in some cases their church family) were praying for me.  

Many of the members of our church and/or community back home sent emails, Facebook messages, or texts letting me know they were praying for me.

Two of my girlfriends came to spend the weekend and love on me.

My parents came up for the weekend and continued to call and check in on things.

Seriously, these are the hands and feet.  My whole life I have been a healthy, independent woman.  To a fault probably.  There have been very few times when I have needed the body of Christ to act on my behalf.  How arrogant does that sound?  Sheesh...

Here I find myself in a crisis and I am surrounded by an overwhelming covering.  And in so many ways!  Some have sat with me during chemo, some have cooked meals, cleaned, watched my children, given money, sent cards, prayed, and so much more.  What a gift it is!

I know that I have been on the giving end of this equation before.  It just felt like the right thing to do (whatever that thing was).  But I can honestly say being on this end of it all is so different.  The span of gifts and giving is incredible--it looks just like I imagined it would.  Absolutely beautiful.

I love being a part of something so big and beautiful.  I love the doing and I love the receiving.  They both have their time and place and embody what it is to live a life following Christ.

Friends, today, would you take the time to see how you ought to be the hands and feet in action?

(Bright lights, big city)

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Rhonda Delorme said...

You are such a loving blessing...I'm grateful for you and your kind heart. Even through the tough times you showed us how we can be more Christlike, and live out the plan of Christ to reach the unreached, and encourage those who do follow Christ. I love you, and am thankful for your example. God be with you in a special way...💕