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Friday, November 29, 2013

Boys Just Wanna Have Fun!

Right now it looks like this outside.
Not exactly warm, swimming in the lake, want to spend all day outside weather, right?!?
So, what do you do when playing outside isn't optimal?  BATHTIME!!
We've painted in the bath and now we're doing something a bit different...
Yup, coloured water.  Who knew that adding a few drops of food colour to bathwater could make it so much more fun! 
In the blue water they're bobbing in the arctic. 
In the green we pretend they're floating in slime or navigating the Amazon river.
In red they pretend the water is tainted with blood.  Gross, yes, but boys will be boys.  There is always some sort of bad guy to get!!
(as I'm adding this picture my 5 year old said, "hey, it's us in the blood-water!"  boys...)
If your days are long and the little ones are restless...stick 'em in the bath, make it their favourite colour, and have fun!!

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