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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

The Good C's

There are a couple of words in the dictionary that begin with the letter C that we consider  "swear words."  A few months ago, I dropped one of them...Cancer.

This post, however, is not about the bad words.  I want to focus, this day before American Thanksgiving, on the good ones.  To give thanks, if you will, for the good C's in my life.

Craft Faire.  Ok, technically that's two words and only one of them starts with C.  Stick with me.
A few months ago I never thought I'd have the energy or overall health to participate in my yearly Christmas Craft Sale.  Praise the Lord I did!  I had time and energy to create, and a great group of supporters to help me pull it off.  (nice segue)

Community.  I have always loved people.  I guess I even consider myself a collector of people...I love to keep in touch with people from as far back as my history will allow me to remember (I think that is about the 3rd grade).  That being said, I have never felt community in the way I am feeling it these days.  People are amazing.  I had several friends and family members help me work the craft faire...several of whom even drove long distances to help out.  

Chara.  This is a greek word that means joy.  (I didn't say all the C words had to be in English, did I?) After the faire was over I felt so much joy!  I did it!  I had amazing help!  It was a success!  Now on to the next thing!  In a weird way, it felt like a milestone.

Now, I sit here on a sunny day, contemplating the last chemo treatment to come (a little c alliteration, anyone??).  I can't believe it is less than a week away.  Then done.  And on to the next phase of treatment.  Feeling overjoyed over-chara!  

Happy Thanksgiving.  If you can think of one, comment your favourite C these days...

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