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Friday, September 11, 2015

It's the Small Things

Tonight I was inspired by an Instagram post:  @hannahbrencher wrote, 

"It's all a bunch of small things on repeat.  Just small things in repeat."

Man does this strike a chord with me.  Every day I get up out of bed (small thing), eat breakfast (small thing), pack a lunch (small thing)...you get the idea.  I've got 140 days of chemo.  Today is day 39.  Small things on repeat, until the treatment is done.

Then there are the moments of glory.  Don't laugh, but yesterday I mowed the lawn for the first time since May.  My bald head walked that mower up and down the lawn with flair.  Glory.

Tonight, after supper, I took the boys out for a walk.  We laughed, skipped, clicked our heels together in the air, threw elderberries at each other, danced, and smelled all the freshness of the fading day.  Glory.

Small things on repeat, with bursts of glory in between.  I'm going to live like this forever!

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