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Monday, August 03, 2015

In Preparation

In May I did something that I have not done in a dozen years (or more).  I went on a trip.  BY MYSELF!  Many of you family types out there will know what a big deal this is.  Did I mention, I went by myself?!?  

I signed up for a Be Crafty Workshop that was going to take place on Friday Harbor, Washington.  I asked a friend to come along, but that didn't work out, so off I went, alone.  

I'm an extrovert, so going on a trip alone seemed like a bad idea.  I mean, who would keep me company???  Who would I talk to?  I was actually nervous.  I'm not afraid to be alone, I just thought I'd be bored.

I was anything but.  As I travelled across Washington I stopped at every little antique store I'd ever wanted to.  I perused aisle after aisle of beautiful old things.  And it made me glad.  

I listened to a book on tape.  I sang my favourite songs on full blast.  

I went to estate sales and garage sales, just because I could.  (scored this flamingo pyrex for $2!)

Heck, I even scored a wingback chair for FREE.  Best weekend ever.  Okay, maybe not EVER, but it was shaping up to be top 5 for sure.

I communed with my God. I watched the land change as I made my way towards the coast.  I soaked in the beautiful sunset, enjoyed the harbour porpoise, and ate some really good food.

I even made some new friends!!

And, I crafted, of course!  (don't these giant balloons just make you happy?  I think they need to find a permanent place in my home!)

I learned some new things from these amazingly talented ladies.

I took in the beauty of it all.  Old barn with buntings and lights, painted chairs, lace and pretty colours...my heart was so full!

I even won a Kelly Moore camera bag.  Seriously?!?  I have had this bag on my Christmas list for 2 years, I kid you not.  

You see, I needed this weekend.  I came home to my family restored in a way that I had never imagined.  I was nicer to my husband and kids.  I cared less about unimportant stuff.  I was literally a better human being. 

Enter, "preparation."  You see, God was filling me full, giving me good gifts, preparing my heart, mind, and soul for what was to come.  Life has not been what I expected these past few weeks, but I am so thankful for every good gift.  

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Unknown said...

I'll tell you what...you are a blessing to me day after day after day...thank you for your impact on my life. You are in my thoughts and prayers...much love to you, sweet girl! <3