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Sunday, August 16, 2015

A Psalm a Day

The past week has been pretty good.  I have finished giving myself the shots needed to boost my immunity, having only 1 day with severe side effects.  I have walked, shopped, swam, and even got taken out on a date last night.  Dinner and a movie never felt so good.

I have thought about Emmett every day.  I can't believe it is August 16 and he hasn't been born yet.  There were many indicators that he would be born premature, but we prayed every day that he would grow to full term.  Thank you Lord.  Now, we pray for the family that will bring him home.  I know the excitement they are feeling.  It is so good.  Though my heart aches, there is comfort in knowing another mom is overjoyed.  

We have begun reading a Psalm a day.  Meditating on the words of King David.  He felt much and expressed it all to God.  That is the kind of life I'm living right now.  Feeling more than I know what to do with and so the words just fly up to our Heavenly Father.  I curse my enemy (that darn c-word) and praise Him for the mercies we've received.  I ask questions and pray for a life-filled future.  I pray for our lost son.  I ask for there to be another.  

You see, I find comfort in knowing that the Scripture is full of God bearing the weight of one man's troubles.  It says to me, He can bear mine too.  

My chemotherapy should last about 140 days.  There are more Psalms than my treatment.  Jason and I are reading and meditating on one a day until the end.  I want to invite you to join us.  There is so much to be learned about the character of God and the fullness of man's heart as you read through them.  Today we read Psalm 11.  If you feel so inclined, please read with us!

Until next time, "in the Lord I take refuge." (Psalm 11:1)

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