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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Thoughts on 365

You guys, today has been a great day.  The weather here has been amazing, I had a great time with the kids, and I even got a cell phone (gasp, I know...I'm officially up with the times).  

It was a great day.  And yet, all day long I had this nagging, gnawing feeling in my heart.  Today marks 365 days of waiting for our match...the official 1 year mark.  

365 days is short in a life time, but y'all, it seems like forever when you're waiting on a child to come home.  

I thought today I'd follow in the footsteps of my friend Ashley and write some things I look forward to doing with our child (see her blog post on the matter here)--don't worry, I won't post 365 things!  My heart really wants to whine and cry and fuss, but I thought I'd spare you the drama!  Without further ado, things I look forward to when our child(ren) comes home:

1.  Listen to that sweet one sleep
2.  Hear a first giggle
3.  Watch the big brothers ooh and ahh over them
4.  Walk around town with baby in tow
5.  See little baby fingers and toes
6.  Nurse the baby
7.  Watch first steps
8.  Write letters to birth mom
9.  Go to the lake with them for the first time
10.  Stick all the kiddos in the bath together
11.  Sing them a song
12.  Introduce them to our friends and family
13.  Fix their hair
14.  Read them stories at bedtime
15.  Pray with them and over them
16.  Help them be creative
17.  Watch them roll over for the first time
18.  Comfort their cries
19.  Hold them, hold them, hold them
20.  Hold them some more
21.  Watch their brothers teach them to play
22.  Learn about who they are
23.  Figure out their likes and dislikes
24.  Teach them about their culture
25.  Tell them how loved they are
26.  Have adventure together
27.  Run my fingers through their hair
28.  Kiss their cheeks
29.  Kiss their baby toes
30.  Introduce them to great food
31.  Smell their sweet baby smell
32.  Smell their not-so-sweet smells, too
33.  Help them deal with their hurts
34.  Teach them to read
35.  Take lots of pictures of them
36.  Watch their daddy wrestle them
37.  Snuggle them close as we watch a movie
38.  Figuring out how to load more kids in the car
39.  Holding their hand as they learn to walk
40.  Cleaning up the high chair
41.  Having cloth diapers hanging on the line
42.  Making baby food
43.  Watching them make friends
44.  Having little baby clothes again.
45.  Seeing my family all together
46.  Wiping away tears
47.  Hearing them call me "momma"
48.  Tickling them
49.  Watching them grow
50.  Having them* home

Having them home.  Yes, that is a big one.  Oh how I pray this list can begin to come true sooner than later.  

We've reached 365 days...

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