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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Word Culture

I live in rural Canada.  I wouldn't say that we are exactly the epicentre of popular culture.  We don't live in the dark ages, but it isn't like we're birthing the next big thing here in Nelson. 

Now that you know exactly (was I that precise?!?) what's on the scene, you'll perhaps understand what is to follow:  a small rant on word culture.  

It has come to my attention in the past day that there is a new word (er, phrase) on the scene.  According to People magazine the term first entered the scene officially (at least on www.urbandictionary.com) in 2003.  It has exploded in the recent past because of a Vine video.  I watched the Vine and I've got to be completely honest:  it is lost on me why in the world anyone would want to popularize the things she says in that video.  It sounds made up.  It sounds ridiculous.  It sounds like I'm freaking out--well, I am a bit.

"Eyebrows on fleek."  Struggle.  And yet, it seems the whole country is on board.  Food chains have tweeted it, Ariana Grande sang it.  Mockery, perhaps, but still.  What does it say about society when we grasp ahold of something so crazy en masse?

I understand things change.  I am not opposed to change.  I am opposed to growing less intelligent.  Now, I'm sorry if this phrase has become a part of your ever-growing vocabulary--something inside me just screams that it isn't ok!

Last year 150 words were added to the Merriam-Webster dictionary (read about it here).  Get this:  they were added to the Collegiate Dictionary.  Why not the full version that people over 22 use?  Perhaps this says something about the direction we are heading as a culture.  What is permissible for young people (or at least marketed to them) is unacceptable for those of a more mature stature?  And if this is the case, why is it agreeable for anyone?

(photo found here)

I may be out-dating myself, acting curmudgeonry, and possibly offending some people--well, there it is.  If you are offended because I think the state of our (your) vocabulary is going to pot, try using words that actually make sense.  (oh wow, that may have been the most offensive statement yet)

I write this because I needed to get it off my chest care that my children grow up to be intelligent young men who add to society.  The degradation of a culture's vocabulary seems to say that I'm fighting an uphill battle.  Well, I just put on my boxing gloves, so look out!

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