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Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Our Narnia

We have discovered something wonderful.  Our library has books on CD...for kids!  Those things are so expensive that I would never buy them, but check them out, as a part of my library membership?!?  Yes, please!!  

Over the past month, we have listened to the first two books in the Narnia series, and are currently on the third (it seems to be a little less Narnia, but who am I to judge CS Lewis??).  Our boys love hearing the stories as we drive to town weekly.  The 30 minute drive to get groceries has grown increasingly interesting for all of us!

Narnia has opened our eyes to the magic of this world even more.  We pretend to be kings and queens rescuing others from an evil witch.  We are often on the look out for a great Lion who makes all things new.  Oh how we love this story and the parallels it has to our faith lives.  

Today we went on a magical little trip to get eggs, and it felt a lot like we were in our own Narnia.  We left our home and trekked 1/2 mile (approximately, I've never actually measured) through 2 feet of snow.  Our neighbours (aka egg providers) have created the most amazing little trail through the forest.  It leads from the edge of our neighbourhood right to their home...and there are bells hung in the trees the whole way.  People, this is the stuff dreams are made of.  Every time we walk the trail, snow or not, it feels magical!  We ring every bell and anticipate our destination as if it were the most amazing place on Earth.

And so, today we set off:  Me in the lead, trampling down a path through the 2 feet of snow with my snowshoes, the boys trailing behind.

Their walk wasn't as easy as mine, but at least I sort of made a path for them, right?!  At any rate, we'll all sleep well tonight!

Snowshoeing to buy my eggs.  I only wish it were this fun to get all my groceries!

I think part of the reason I love taking the bell trail so much is because it feels like something my kids will remember forever.  I can just hear them, 20 years from now, "Hey mom, remember when we used to ring the bells in the forest?  Those were the days."  Ok, so maybe it won't go down exactly like that, but tomorrow when I'm making myself eggs for breakfast, I'll be smiling with the thought of it.

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