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Tuesday, December 02, 2014

From the Sky to my Soul

Last week I went to sit in chapel with my eldest son.  He attends our local Christian school each Friday for the learning activities they have planned.  The chapel service occurs in the space used for kindergarten students.  I chose a seat and sat, watching the performances and joining in song.  I came away with a butt full of glitter.  Pink and purple sparkles clung to my bum, making me look like a teenager with bling on my jeans.  People, I do not do bling on my jeans.

Yesterday I sat and watched as glittery snow swirled and danced against the blue sky.  It was beautiful and my heart was aching.  I read a verse about the Christ I love who is a divine YES.  But, I couldn't see it.  I apparently don't do bling in the sky either.

Then, something miraculous happened.  I went to Bible study.  No, that's not the miraculous part...rather, what happened during the study is!  I sat with a group of women, cozied up with my tea (slightly obsessed with peppermint tea these days), and listened to a video of Beth Moore that was filmed nearly 20 years ago.  

Christ spoke directly to me, through that woman, almost 20 years after the taping.  I was distracted at first, thinking about a small altercation I had just had with a stranger (I'm not sure what her deal was, but it came out on me!).  After I got my mind right and really started to listen, I heard this:

"Beyond every conquest is a promise fulfilled.  Faith fights."

Those are Beth's words, and they were exactly what I needed to hear.  Faith doesn't lay down and feel sorry for itself because it is the first day of the last month for a deadline that is totally made up!  I heard God say, "Do not grow weary in the fight!  I've got a promise coming!"

Friends, it was good to find that the glitter that had been floating mystically by was making its way into my soul!  Cheesy?  Perhaps, but it is an amazing thing when you have felt a little dead inside and life is breathed in an instant.  It is like sparkly, dazzling glitter.  

There is a promise to be fulfilled.  One day, we will welcome a little child (maybe children) into our lives.  The hard part is having faith through the trial (in our case, waiting).  Oh how sweet the conquest of patience will seem while I am holding that child for the first time.  The promise will be fulfilled and glitter will be running strong through my veins in that moment.  In the meantime, faith fights.

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