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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Remiss 81

I am posting.  I AM POSTING!!  
May 27, 2014 was the last day I posted.  It has been 81 days since I last wrote...that is a long time.  Much has happened, some of which I'll write about, most of which I will not.  Life goes on whether I'm writing into the world-wide-void or not.  Right?!?  (of course it does)

Here's a quick recap:

May:  Went to women's retreat...gave up FEAR (this, I will write about).
June:  Broke my foot out on a run and consequently had my first time hitch-hiking in the Koots
Finished the school year in a cast
My 6 year old lost his first tooth
July:  Toured around Alberta (this I will also write about)
Got my cast off and chopped 15 inches of hair
Went to our family reunion, celebrated my Mother-in-law's retirement, 
and our 10th Anniversary (pics will come)
August:  Garden weeding, physio for my foot, and lots of crafting (thrilling, eh?!?)

So, now that we're all caught up, I can resume my normal semi-regular posting schedule.
For those of you who have checked in every now-and-again, a big forgive me and thank you!!

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