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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Adoption Community

The past 3 months or so (since I last posted) has really brought no change in our adoption status.  We still wait.

One thing that has amazed me, however, throughout this journey is what an amazing community of people there are to come alongside us.  We have heard story after story and met family after family, all doing something similar to us.  True, each story is different, but there are shared themes.

One of the things we share is the need to fundraise!  I shared in a past post some of the things we have done so far to bridge the financial gap.  Well, I'd like to share another fundraiser with you--this time our friends are doing it!  Our friends, the Wilkinson's are adopting a little girl from the country of Lesotho (it is a small country completely inside South Africa).  It has been so sweet to connect with them and watch their adoption adventure unfold.  If you have a heart for adoption, children in orphanages, or are just feeling plain ol' benevolent today, go and check out their blog!  There are even some awesome giveaways for those who donate.  And, it could go without saying I'll say it anyway, THANK YOU!!

(beautiful gate orphanage will receive all proceeds from the Wilkinson's fundraiser)

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