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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The Wait is On

It is official.  We're done with our profile book.  I'll post about it once I have it in my hands (soon I hope!).  

So, we're 15 months into this adventure called adoption.  We started this process formally December 2012, and here we are in March 2014.  I've been praying that this would be the year we bring our baby home.  An elephant has a gestation period of about 2 years...perhaps this will take about that long (please God not any longer!!).  I am fully aware that my 2 year time frame may not be God's timing, but I'm praying that way!  

Many people ask me what happens next.  It doesn't bother me...I am happy that people want to know where we are in this process.  Here is the big answer.  We wait!  There is nothing left to do, but wait.

We are waiting for a match.  We thought, a few weeks ago, that there may be an opportunity for us to adopt a locally born baby, but that opportunity seems to have gone.  So, sticking to our original path, we wait for a match.  This process is a little scary to me.  Basically, it is like waiting in the line-up on the elementary school field hoping that you aren't picked last for the team.
 (thank you Dreamworks Animation for this great visual imitation of myself in this process)

When a pregnant woman comes to the agency (ours is in Florida) she receives counseling.  The social workers lay out all her options.  If she still chooses adoption, then she has to decide what kind of family she wants her child to be in.  They find her profiles of families that match her desires.  Then she reviews them and chooses one.  I know with my head that God has a plan for this whole process.  But man, oh man, the actual playing out of the plan, the waiting and trusting, is way harder than I ever thought.   We are waiting for a woman to choose us, over and above all the other profiles she looks at.  Lord help us...

Anyhow, that is it for now.  I probably won't be posting anything else about the adoption, save for our profile book tour, until we hear something.  That could be this summer or a year from now.  Let's be patient together, ok?  In the mean time I'll try and post about other exciting things in our life (like growing a garden).

Until next time, Psalm 27:14 friends.

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