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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Motherland...Literally


We've had this list.  Twice now.  We have prayed over this list.  Crossed off countries that won't have us.  Crossed off countries that don't have children young enough to keep our current kiddos' birth order in tact.  Crossed off countries we have no cultural ties with.  Then there were 7.
Seven countries to pray over.  Seven countries to consider.  Seven countries with children that need homes, families, care, and love.
We have landed on the USA.  It may seem like an odd choice after having spent so many months with our hearts in the Congo.  It doesn't, however, seem like an odd choice to me-or God. 
Remember when I first brought up this whole adoption thing?  It all started with Jason getting in the car and uttering, "I think we should adopt a child."  He read an article on orphans in the US and that began the whole conversation.  2 weeks ago, I read a very similar article.  Then the Congo closes to us.  And here we sit...with 7 countries and one of them is where it all began in our minds.
The US.  My motherland. And now, we hope, the "motherland" in other ways...the country our 3rd child will come from.  A land that is great in many ways, and in great turmoil simultaneously.  A country where children are orphaned and given up at birth just like any other. 
And so, we hope.  We hope the paperwork (oh my, the loads and oodles of paperwork) we are beginning will go quickly.  We hope we will be chosen quickly.  We hope for a smooth transition.  We hope and hope.  There are so many unknowns, but still we wait and hope.  Oh, and I giggle with excitement a little too. 
(picture found on Etsy from BubbaandLucy)
(I don't know them, and they didn't ask me to say this, but if you like it, buy it!  Etsy is awesome for that)


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Excited for your decision!!! May God give you the grace to walk each step of the way!