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Monday, July 29, 2013

The Big D

At the end of June Jason and I made a trek across the US to Detroit, Michigan.  I haven't heard much about Detroit, but what I have heard wasn't good.  I am so glad we made this trip.  I don't have any false illusions about what that city is, but I left feeling like it was a place I could live.  Surprised?  Don't be...I'm a military brat who has lived everywhere, why not Detroit??
We stayed in this amazing building.  It was pretty cool, and massively confusing.  There are several round towers all connected by walkways, elevators, and some intense math skills.  Whoever designed this building was a crazy genius!  I really think we got lost nearly every time we left our room.
We took the "people mover" (Detroit's version of a skytrain) to Greektown.  The restaurant we ate at was super busy and the atmosphere was fun.  The best part of the supper, besides the company, was the flaming cheese.  It was amazing!  The rest of the food was definitely subpar, so I wouldn't recommend it for future visitors.

A 5 day trip without kids?!?  It was great, but I was ready to see them after about 2 days.  I love my boys!!  (Thanks to Nana, Grandpa, and Uncle Eric for wrangling those monkeys while we were away)

I toured around Detroit with Jason's wonderful mom, Peggy.  We toured the Henry Ford museum.  Lots of great old cars and some cool neon too!
The museum also had a lot of "Black America" history.  This is the bus Rosa Parks sat on.  I was overwhelmed with a feeling that there is still a long way to go.

Me, sitting in the same seat she did.  History teaches so much, if we are willing to allow it to change us.  Lord help me...

We met up with some of our friends' family at Pizza Papalis.  Just look at that pizza.  Good, and probably not ever again!  Love those Arseneaults!!

Really, that was some deep dish pizza!

Peggy and I took a bus tour put on by the non-profit group D-Hive.  It was a free 2 hour bus tour!  FREE!  Nothing is free anymore people...but this group wants people to know their city and to see the good in Detroit.  It was such an informative and well-done tour.  We saw some beautiful architecture and learned about grassroots initiatives that are restoring a broken-down Detroit.

The tour took us through The Heidelberg Project.  It is basically a street transformed by art.  One man has collected rubbish and transformed his street with it.  It is the second most visited art exhibit in Detroit.  I must admit that I wouldn't want to own a home on this block, but I applaud his efforts to change the way people look at the world. 

At the top of our hotel in the Renaissance Center was a restaurant.  72 floors up!  We dined there before Jason's big night.  I ordered the chicken and waffles...when in Rome!!

The whole reason we went to Detroit was for Jason's ordination ceremony.  Can I just tell you, I love our church!!!  The Evangelical Covenant denomination is doing amazing things.  I am so happy to be a part of a group that chooses to go to a city for their annual conference because they recognize that place has a need, one that we can help fill. 
The ordination ceremony was great.  The candidates were brought up, prayed over, and then given a certificate and a stole (that fancy scarf he's wearing).  It was a wonderful way to welcome Jason (officially) into the denomination as an ordained minister. 

Overall we had a great time in Motor City.  I would recommend a visit to anyone, we know they could use the investment!  If you ever make the trip, I would highly recommend visiting Mudgie's, a cute little farm-to-table restaurant in the historic Corktown district--my lunch there was phenomenal! 

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