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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

It's a Lake Life

People often comment on how beautiful this place is.  Let me tell you, IT IS!  The nature of Jason's work is such that we might not live here forever.  At this point, as much as I miss the city, I can not imagine living somewhere else.  How could I go from this, to anywhere??  Only by the grace of God...
A dip in the lake is essential every (EVERY) day of the hot summer.  No showers required when you've got water like this.  As our church continues to raise money for a well in the country of Togo, I am reminded again and again how incredibly fortunate we are to have clean water in abundance.  I could drink the lake water it is so clean--sometimes my kids do.  We are surely blessed.

The big orange bridge  B.O.B.  is Nelson's bridge to the north shore.  The boys just love crossing the bridge each time we go to and from town.  It will be a lifelong memory for them. 

This is the view opposite B.O.B. when sitting on the Lakeside Park beach.  The day I took these photos we actually found "treasure" on the beach!  Korban was digging and digging and he found a very nice garden trowel buried about a foot under the sand.  Finding treasure is a definite highlight of his summer.  We could all benefit from finding treasure in surprising places...where might yours be buried??

Even though I feel like our adoption is in a bit of a drought (we are just waiting the time away), I continue to be thankful for the gifts in other areas.  My treasure?  The beach.  Sand under my toes.  A friend who loans us a boat.  Kids who love to play together.  Celebrating 9 years with Jason. Knowing that the wait will not be forever.

We love lake life.  Being near so much water on a continual basis really does restore the soul-restores my soul.  It's a lake life and it is good...

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