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Sunday, April 28, 2013


There are moments in life when I just have to laugh.  2 am last night was one of them.  Why was I literally laughing out loud at 2 am?  Not because I was enjoying a late night comedy, I can assure you.
The reason for the laughter starts much earlier in the day.  Jason and I donned our work clothes (oh yes, I had on overalls), grabbed our shovels, and dug about 125 feet of trench in our front yard so we can lay sprinkler line.  It was hard work.  Back-breaking really.  We kept commenting about how good we would sleep after all that hard work.
Then, hours later at our small group, we prayed for a family we love to get better rest.  4 kids, a dog, and a baby on the way means they don't get a lot of sleep.  We asked God to give them sweet sleep.  Then, we went home, expecting to get a great night's rest ourselves.  (Our kiddos are generally speaking amazing sleepers--thank you God!)

So, at two in the morning I woke up, having hair that may have looked like this!  Oh wait, I'm skipping ahead...first we were up at 10:45 (don't laugh, we go to bed around 10 every night), and then again at midnight. 

Let's just say that by 2, I wasn't feeling like parenting was a sweet walk in the park.  Nope, I was praying with fervor that my little guy wouldn't throw up again.  When I walked back to my room, which doesn't have curtains yet (we've only lived here 10 months...give me a break!  The fabric is downstairs ready to be sewn...), I noticed what was going on outside.  The moon, in all its waning glory, was a sliver less than full.  It shown brilliantly and the lake reflected its radiant glow.
Had I not been awake, I would have missed seeing God's handiwork!  I know, some of  you are probably thinking, "I don't particularly want to see the moon at 2 am, even if it were blue!"  Right, I completely understand.

But, my point is this:  I was given an opportunity to see God, even in the wee hours.  How did I respond?  With laughter of course!  God has such a sense of humor!  Here I was thinking I was going to sleep 8 hours straight...and yet I barely slept for 2 all night long without interruption.  Instead, I had a chance give thanks for what was good...the moon and the lake, and the irony of course.
I may be a shadow of myself today, but I got to stay at home with my boy and snuggle him while we participated in an awesome online church service.  I get to rest and enjoy the sun, maybe I'll even nap.  And hopefully I won't have to clean up anymore yuckies from a sick boy. 
What do you have to be thankful for today?

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