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Monday, April 08, 2013

Crafting my Time Away

Many of you may have noticed an overwhelming (sorry about that!) amount of pictures portraying my latest craft project.  I love to craft and DIY, but this is a bit much!  I am normally doing house projects, not so much for sale.  It is sort of a funny thing for me to make things that I think people might buy.  I feel pretty vulnerable actually, like I mentioned when I opened my Etsy shop.  Have a table at a craft fair?  Where people will walk by and look at my things, and connect me to them?!?  In person??  I'm actually pretty darn nervous!
When I sit down and process why I'm doing this, some of the nerves melt away.  I don't need the money from this craft fair.  We'll still eat dinner next week if I don't sell a single thing.  I am doing all these crafts (and trying to sell them) to help bring home my child.  TO HELP BRING HOME MY CHILD!!  That really puts it into perspective for me.  There have certainly been days when I would rather have just sat on my duff and watched tv--but that won't help me get any closer to my little one.  So, I craft, and craft, and craft some more, because at least I am doing something that might help us get one step closer. 
Side note** It just hit me, one week before the show, that I actually have to come up with a way to display this stuff.  And price it.  YIKES!!  Thank you Pinterest for actually having pins about craft fair displays.  Man I love that website. 
So, for those of you who don't have Facebook or Instagram, here's a sneak peak at some of the items I'll have for sale at the show!!  There are LOTS of other things that I haven't taken pictures of, mostly of the crochet type!
Tea cup candles
Some knit and crochet items (top right hat has sold, through Etsy)
Peg people houses

Peg people
And lastly, some wooden signs!
Anyhow, here they are...the things I've been making that in some small way help me work out that feeling of helplessness, knowing I have a child somewhere in the world that I can't hold.  Every stroke of my brush or turn of the hook helps me come down off that "where is my baby" ledge.  Thank you for all your support in this friends.  We couldn't do it without you!

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