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Monday, February 11, 2013


I am just crazy about buntings.  A few years ago if you would have said that word, "bunting," to me, I would have thought you were talking about a little blanket bag for babies or a type of "at bat" in baseball.  Oh, how my world has become much happier because of the textile bunting.
It was super simple to make this bunting!  I just created a template (from a cereal box in the recycle bin) and traced it on each fabric I wanted to use.  After cutting them all out, I laid out the lace on the floor and evenly spaced them out.  It took me two tries to get the spacing right.
All of the fabric I used I already had on hand.  I inherited a couple bins of fat quarters a few years ago.  They have come in handy so many times! 

Whenever I sew, I avoid pinning like the plague.  I hate it.  Despise even.  Whenever I can avoid it, I either don't pin at all, or I use these little clips.  Look familiar?  Yup, they are pretty much the same barrettes I used in elementary school, only sold in the sewing seection and not painted pretty colours!  They definitely do the trick when the "pinning' doesn't have to be precise.
Because of the pattern of the lace, I was able to sew a top line and a bottome line on each flag.  I originally planned to just do the top line, but I liked the end result better with two sewn lines. 
My original idea inspiration can be found here.  You can see how Ashley originally had a bunting and then changed it to a fabric scrap garland.  I tried and tried to make a tassel like that, but mine just wouldn't turn out.  So, I decided to make the bunting instead (like she originally did).
I intended on hanging it like shown in the above picture.  Only the flags that hung down on the left just didn't look right (hence the need for that awesome tassel bunting instead). 

So, I hung the bunting in the hallway above what will be, very soon, our art gallery.  All that brown paper is me trying to decide on a layout rather than making my wall look like it was subject to target practice.  I am the queen of putting holes in walls where they don't belong!  I can thank YoungHouseLove for the idea. 
It is impossible to get a good shot of our hallway.  There are two doors on one side (the laundry room and stairs to the basement) but neither really allows a good straight on shot!  Oh well!!

You get the idea right? 
Doesn't it look cheery?  I am so in love with those colours!! 

Happy Monday to you!  Today is a holiday in BC...they created a new one because February didn't have a day off--so today is BC Family Day.  Hooray for the Canadian work ethic! 
(only a joke, don't get all worked up--man I love puns)
Oh yes, I almost forgot...I'll be making a few of these buntings to sell in my etsy shop.  I'll update this post when they're ready!!

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