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Sunday, January 27, 2013


I mentioned in my last post that I have been practicing a posture of thankfulness.  Thankfulness is, at its root, worship--a grand recognizing that God is the provider to all and for all.  

Yesterday my thankful attitude was put to the test.  I blame, without hesitation, Canada Post.  You see, I've opened my Etsy shop and people have been buying things.  Not a lot of traffic, but enough to keep me excited!  Well, I knew getting in to this that all the proceeds were meant to go directly to our adoption.  I also knew that there would be some trial and error with the prices of the items and with the costs of shipping.  What I didn't count on was losing money because the total amount a customer paid for an item was less than the cost of shipping it.

Enter my tested attitude.  It took me three tries yesterday to whittle down the cost of mailing one of my teacup candles to 17.00!!  What?!?  I had a customer on the other side of Canada order one and the total cost she paid was $13.50.  There I stood, trying to keep a happy face, knowing I was actually going in the hole for that sale.  Bummer.  

In the car after I left the post office I, admittedly not in the best space, just prayed, "God, I'm thankful I live in a country that has a postal system and one where I am allowed to sell my wares to whomever will buy them."  I came home and quickly wrote a little note to the buyer letting her know that her purchase was on its way and not to be alarmed by the cost of shipping, that I was still working out the kinks associated with having an Etsy shop.  End of story...

...so I thought!  A few hours later I received the most delightful message in my personal email!  My customer, Christie, had emailed me to let me know that she had been praying that God would show her what to do with a little extra money she had.  AND, she wanted to donate it to our adoption.  Be still my heart, GOD is AWESOME!  He turned my loss upside down and we gained far more than could have been hoped for!  Not only did he make up for the financial loss, but he connected me with another believer on the other side of the country!   My spirit was lifted because His Spirit was at work in our family and in Christie's heart.  

A posture of thankfulness has never felt so humbling, or so life-giving.  I can't wait to go back to the post office on Monday and tell Sherry (my friend/postal worker) about what has happened! 

Whether worshiping through thanksgiving or at church through music, it is good to draw near to Him. 
The past two weeks have been especially sweet during worship because my sweet little boy has been "playing" with the band!  Last week he looked very dapper in his little bow-tie shirt and red shoes.  In fact, I was a little worried that it was going to be distracting to the congregation!  People were taking pictures and even a little video to document the moment.  

I shared my concerns with one woman in the church and she later sent me this picture she had taken.  Notice the words on the screen!  "Father of Lights, you delight in your children."  Indeed!


Friends, I hope you have a good week.  I pray that you are finding yourselves more and more in this stance of thanksgiving and that He is drawing you near!

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Jordan Baker said...

What an awesome story!!!