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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Etsy, baby!

Well, I did it!  It took me a whole 5 hours (five hours?!?  Yes, I'm no technological wiz, to put it mildly)  to make my Etsy shop, but I did it!

I never thought, before creating my own shop, that I would be emotional about it, but I am.  I feel vulnerable, like I've put myself out there.  Out where, exactly?  Yeah, good question.  A good friend of mine said today, "we'll, if it works, it works."  I wish I had such a level head!  How I need to hear that perspective.  Seriously, who gets nervous about trying to sell things online?  

I guess this represents so much to me.  First, things that I have (or my loving momma has) created are next to other products that are amazing!  But, more than that, I'm doing this because I have a desire-a conviction even-to bring home my baby as soon as I can.  This shop is part of my effort to do that!  It feels like so much is riding on it.  

BUT, at the same time I know that (I KNOW) that whether I sell one single thing or not, God is going to do this!  Oh that I would live in that reality--in the safety of His care and (here it goes again) provision.

Just in case you're wanting to stop in, my shop can be found here.

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