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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Canada Post

Okay, some of you may be sick of seeing this picture.  I think this is the 4th place it has appeared.  I'm hardly ever in a picture, so I'm milking it for all it's worth!  No, the reality is that it is the only picture I have to represent what I want to talk about...and the card reader slot in my computer seems to be broken so that means I'm sending every image the images that my iPad will allow me to send, via email to my PC.  Yuck!!

So, we did it...we sent off our application and our stage 1 cheque (that's check for all my American friends!).  As I stood in the post office/video store/liquor store/grocery store (love small town life), I was so excited!  The phrase "We're really doing it!" just kept ringing through my mind.  The envelope sat on the scale and I rested my hand on it to say a silent prayer.  That touching moment, right before I snatched it back and asked Ellen, my neighbour/postal worker/friend, to take a picture of me.  

After the last post, we seemed unsure of what came next.  We have, however, had some really great conversations with two different agencies and feel confident that it is okay to move forward.  The agency that I think we'll use, in the US, is a Christian agency and the woman who we spoke with today gave us a lot of confidence in the program.  

So, what now?  Well, we start gathering documents and meeting with a local social worker.  After this phase, the home study, is completed, on to stage 2!  More paperwork!!  

I am so looking forward to updating you all on the process.  Thanks for coming alongside us for our adventure!

PS, this is a total aside, but is related to the post title.  If any of you buy something from the Etsy store, I am so sorry for the price of postage!  We've got "Uncle Can" (the Canadian version of Uncle Sam) to thank for that.  The cost of mailing things here is extremely high!!

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