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Monday, January 21, 2013

All in a Day

Ever have one of those days where you wake up, determined to have a good day?  Only...you can't seem to crawl out from under whatever kind of funk hovers mere inches above your head?

Yeah, that day is today.  I haven't had a bad day:  my kids have been well behaved, we got a very generous donation to the adoption fund, supper was awesome, I got a lot accomplished, and yet...blah.  

It doesn't help that I got a totally cryptic email from the adoption agency tonight about "a rough weekend" and "no word on the Congo."  I am so lost...what does that  mean?  I searched in vain around the web, trying to put some meaning to those words.  Alas, prayer is surely the answer to my worries.  (says the girl who is still worrying, but trying feverishly to pray it away)

So what is with these days?  I even got dressed and "put my face on" first thing, trying out the old adage, you feel as good as you look.   Well, here's to a more funk free tomorrow!!

(because who doesn't love to see a 4 year old suck the crumbs out of a huge popcorn tub while at the rodeo??)


mommahobbit said...

I can relate , I had the very same kinda day :( Big hugs to better tomorrows :)

Jenni J said...

Leavin a comment to say I love ya and hope tomorrow's a great day!

The Ke Family said...

apparently it was "blue Monday"
hope you're feeling better today
love you!