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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

White-Breasted Knucklehead

There is a certain member of our family we lovingly refer to as the "white-breasted knucklehead."  She is full of energy, will lick your toes off, and has a tail that could dent the wall it whips so hard.  She also has love unending for our boys...the feeling is mutual!  That, my friends, is why she is tolerated. 
She moves so quickly that her pictures are often blurry.  Here, however, you can see her white-breast perfectly. 

A momentary pause and then...
she's off!

The only time she lays still on the bed is when she's tied up (image above) or had a day full of barking at passers-by, chasing birds and bugs around the yard, and of course, loving on her boys. 
Recently our Christmas tree fell over during the middle of the night.  Many of you asked if she was the culprit.  I am proud to say that she (for the first time ever) had nothing to do with it! 
I found a website recently with some great tips to tire out your pup.  If your knucklehead is as energetic as ours, you might want to check it out.

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