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Monday, December 17, 2012


Christmas season is a time of waiting, expecting, hoping for the day Christ was born.  That is what advent means, coming.  Christ is come, his kingdom is coming more and more with each passing moment, and he will come again to make all things right.
In many ways I love this time of year.  We are reminded of what God did for us, we see friends and family more than normal, and we get to give of ourselves to others.  In other ways, unfortunately, this time of year is hard.  We remember loved ones who are gone, tragedy in the world continues to occur, and we are very, very busy!
Some of the things that take our attention are good, other we should really learn to do without.  I can't seem to figure out why every organization or committee I'm on thinks it necessary to meet one last time before the holiday.  I have literally had something to do every night for the past week.  Tonight is no exception.  These things, I wish could wait until after the New Year.
Here are some photos of things that I love during this season:  my kids being involved in Christmas events, seeing friends, and hearing the story of Christ retold, and enjoying time with friends.
Korban did his job well...a little cow in the manger, bowing to the baby king.

Korban and his buddy (who played Joseph).  Cornerstone Preschool does a great job of including Christ in Christmas!  I feel so thankful that in a town as small as ours there is a Christian preschool available.

Immediately after the preschool party/play we went to Baker Street for the annual Christmas on Baker event.  Somehow my volunteer position of serving hot cocoa got morphed into me pulling the donkey around.  I was so nervous!  Not my donkey, not my kids (except the two that were), and the liability was killing me. 
I was very proud of how brave Shay was!!

Korban had a rough ride.  His face says it all!  The donkey kept bowing down and Korban eventually just bailed off somewhere in the middle of his ride!

At church, the next day, we had a dessert theatre.  There were performances of all kinds, including two short plays, songs from the kids, and some adult solos.

Korban was a sheperd in his play.  One cute sheperd if I do say so myself!

This might just be one of the most natural smiling pictures of Shay that I have.  Love it!

My boy, all grown up looking!

The kids sang the song How Many Kings.  It was amazing.  I was teary-eyed the whole time.  Hearing my boy do a little solo just set me over the top. 
You can watch the video too if you'd like!!
All in all, we're feeling very blessed and filled to the rim with love and joy this Christmas.  We hope you are too!  (In case you're wondering, I've sold 6 more parcels of canvas in the past 2 days!!  Yeah!!)

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