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Sunday, November 18, 2012


This morning at church we had the children bring all the Samaritan's Purse shoeboxes to the front.  Then we watched a video, explaining what they were for.  My heart was overflowing with thanks and joy at this event!  We had so many shoeboxes at our church that there weren't enough children to carry them all! 
More than the generosity of our church family, I was struck at what these boxes represent.  Really, it was a simple gesture for most of us.  You get a shoebox, wrap it with Christmas wrap, and fill it with little toys, stuffed animals, hygiene items, and school supplies.  That's it!  The organization then takes the gifts to children all over the world, presents the gospel message to them, and DISCIPLES them! That is the part that really struck me this morning.  Not only is there an abundance of excitement and joy around getting such a wonderful gift, but then believers in Christ come alongside them and help to grow them in faith.  Wow. 
photo and logo courtesy of Samaritanspurse.ca
I am so happy to be a part of giving a shoebox this year.  I have already begun planning our boxes for next year!  One thing we did this year was save little gifts all year long.  Sometimes we go to events around our area that give little prizes and trinkets for participation.  We always evaluate wether or not these items we should keep or pass on to others.  This year, it was fun to look back over the saved items, remember when/how we got them, and feel so happy to pass them along to those in need. 
What sort of giving does your family do at Christmas?  Any benevolent traditions you'd like to share?

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