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Friday, November 09, 2012

One Room Down...

One room down, an entire house to go!  This is the fun part...the picking things out, trying new things, and making our house a home.

I just love the towel hangers in the boys' bathroom!  I was inspired at YHL and decided I just had to have some valve handle hangers of my own!  I bought them for 4 bucks a pop at the hardware store, primed and painted them, then hung them up.  Yeah, right, it wasn't that easy!  First I had to put some giant holes in the wall in order to discover that a lovely white board was needed.  One day, when I decide the new home owners want to change it up, they'll have some nasty holes to patch.  You see, when trying to screw a super long screw, covered with a spray-painted pipe length (to give appropriate towel hanging room), you can't just screw it into the wall.  That pipe is like a perfect drill bit...making a 1/2 inch hole in the drywall.  Oops.

The verse on the wall I got over at Under the Sycamore when I read this heart-wrenching post and decided to donate.  The project is still going on, so be sure to check out ways you can join in the effort if you'd like.

The painting on the right came in a wedding invitation from my friend Erika.  She is a great artist, musician, and now she owns her own naturopathic medical office in Missoula, MT. 

Shower curtain love...ombre meets chevron.  Too bad I didn't come up with the idea myself, I borrowed it from here.

So, you're probably wondering if I can come up with a single thing myself.  I know, me too!  I am one of those people who doesn't often get a stroke of creative genius, but can competently carry out a lot of other people's ideas.  Surprise, I thought of, designed, and made the "I love my boys" sign all by myself.

The cute elephant poster, however, I got from Sevenstar on etsy.  I meant for it to be the whale photo from the link, but when I messaged her I accidentally asked for an elephant version.  I was recalling what it looked like from memory and somehow thought it was originally elephants--I'll just blame that on post-partum memory loss.  And yes, that is a real thing, just ask any mom!  Anyhow, she thought it was a neat idea and made it special.  It says, "Be so happy that when others look at you, they become happy too!"

This Ikea vanity originally didn't have any legs.  Our builder thought it wise if we added some since our boys would likely rip the floating beauty right off the wall.  It was a good call; they hang on it all the time in order to get a drink or wash their hands.  I thought painting them the same blue that runs throughout the room would add a touch of youthful whimsy (a phrase which I have never before uttered and likely never will).

This is the final shot.  I'm not so happy with how it turned out, because it was meant to show off the lights.  I love them.  We have them in our bathroom too, only with 4 instead of 3 (oversharing).  But, since it is dark and there are no windows anyways, I had to have them on, which means all their milk-glass beauty is blinded.  Oh well, you get the idea. 

You're probably sick of seeing the tiniest room in my house by now.  I just couldn't help but show you because it feels so good to be done with an entire room, albeit the smalles one.


Ashley said...

It looks so great!! I ditto that the legs are a good idea. My boys are always climbing up on ours too. And that ombre chevron curtain is amazing! Nice job friend!

Eliza said...

Wow, it looks amazing! I'm looking forward to seeing you next room!

Jordan Baker said...

Loooove that ombré chevron shower curtain! The whole room looks great!