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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Christmas Photos

We I decided this morning before church that today would be the day to take our Christmas photo.  We don't have a tree up, no snow on the ground, and are generally not feeling all that Christmas-y, but we are leaving for Spokane on WEDNESDAY (that's like, 3 days away) and need to have them done by then.  Wait...done by then?!?  Postage in Canada to mail a single letter to the US is $1.05! 
Yes, done by then.  I have been Christmas crafting like crazy...but still have a ton left to be done before we leave Wednesday after work.  Did I mention that I have to address the envelopes and finish wrapping presents and well, finish making the presents! 
Here are some out-takes from our little Christmas photoshoot today!!

K, just like his mommy, with his eyes closed.
I believe this is Shay saying, "OK, enough!!"

This was the best of the kids' hanging phtotos (both boys looking at the camera), except Jason and I missed the kiss!  Darn!

A little holiday lovin'!  Who needs mistletoe??
Hope you all are enjoying gearing up for the Christmas season (although I realize that most of you 'Mericans are still anticipating Thanksgiving!).

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