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Monday, October 29, 2012

Walk on the Wild Side

 What do you do when a pinterest project looms in the balance?  Why take a walk on the wild side of course.  Seriously though, I have a project in mind and need some pinecones.  Quick fix...take a walk at Redfish Creek with the boys to do some collecting!

Love how cute my boys look all bundled up!

Redfish creek is so beautiful.  No more spawning, way too late for that, but changing leaves, bright green mosses, and cool crisp air.
We found this great little bridge.  No better place to play pooh sticks.  Please, tell me that you are more mature than my husband (love you Jason!).  "Pooh sticks" refers to a sweet game Winnie the Pooh and Piglet play in the Hundred Acre Wood...you toss a stick over one side of a bridge, then race to the other side to see who's stick comes out first.

Let me tell you, Korban was the big winner of the day!  The first three times we played, his stick came out first and neither mine nor Shay's came out at all.  How is that even possible?  My over-comptetive nature was threatening to make a fool bad mother out of me, but alas, I kept myself in check.  We played 3 more rounds...Shalem won next, but at least my stick made an appearance; and Korban won the other 2 times.
Pinecones!  At last, what we came for! (Not sure quite why K seems so confused by this)
And now, for this photographic delight.  Yes, that is bear spray attached to my hip.  "Why?" 

THIS.IS.WHY!  Not sure what it is?  See close-up below:
Yeah, that is a not-so-Winnie the Pooh bear claw swipe on a cedar tree.  Scare the crap out of me!  I have bite-sized boys.  I'd bring a personal body guard if I could afford one.  This might make me the scaredest mom in the Kootenays, but I don't care! 
Thankfully, the claw marks were all I saw.  But, I confess, when I saw it, we pretty much made way to the car.  Calm on the outside, freaking out on the inside.  Lord help me the day we actually see one while out.  (Just a side note, I've lived here for three years and have actually only seen 1 bear while out walking.  Maybe I don't walk enough)  (Another side note, I used to live in Yellowstone National Park where I saw lots of bears and other wildlife up close.  I was 20 and kid free.  Not as scared as I should have been!)
Anyhow, the pinecone collecting was a success.  Post to come in November with a completed project and the how-to! 

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Eliza said...

Whoa I gasped out loud at those claw marks. They look so freddy krueger!