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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Trick or Treat 2012

Happy Candy-Collecting day 2012!
This year the boys were a very nimble ninja and the sweetest sounding lion you'll ever hear!
Just look at those cute little costume bums...
3 years ago Korban wore the same costume out for his first trick-or-treat.  We hadn't even made it to the first home before he tripped over the big feet and skinned his nose.  He cried as he said, "trick-or-treat" for the first time.  Thankfully, this year Shay was a bit more stealth in the lion get-up.  No tears, only softly spoken roars!
We stopped by a neighbour'rs house to ask for a family photo--we got it, plus a wad of candy and a grocery bag full of moose!  Gotta love (seriously) country livin'!

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