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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Car shows, Small Groups, and Quick Trips

Car Shows: 
Nelson Road Kings Car show was awesome!  It isn't like me to say a phrase like, "man that car is hot!"  But I am certain I uttered it more than once that morning.  Nothing gets a girl excited like a Super Sport!  Notice the looks of awe and wonder on my boys' faces!
 And how about this beauty?  Oh Mustang, how I love thee!  And notice that handsome fella in blue just hanging in the background.  Yeah, he goes to our church.  I practically begged him to take me for a ride!  I'll post pictures when it happens! 
Small Groups:
We pretty much have the greatest small group of friends ever.  5 couples and our good friend Bernie (we're already reaching small group max here), PLUS the 14 kids we share between us!  Yikes! 

We're thinking about taking this circus act on the road!

Quick Trips:
While Jason went elk "hunting" (it is only hunting, in my opinion, if you actually kill something.  so far it has just been camping!) we went to Lacey to visit my folks. 
Can I just toot my own horn here for a second?  Here goes:  I drove 2 kids and the dog 10 hours by myself, while pulling a trailer.  Praise God it was an amazing trip.  The kids could not have behaved any better! 

Then it was time for Nana and Grampa!  The kids received lots of snuggles and love.  I got a break.  Love grandparents.  LOVE.

We squeezed in a trip to the zoo, shopping, running in the sprinkler, my parents' 22 anniversary, and...
getting to meet Rachel!  It was so nice to meet Eric's sweetheart.  (hopefully she doesn't mind that the picture I chose features her bum!)  She is a beautiful and very calm (yeah Eric!!) young lady. 
So, there's September in a nutshell.  Car shows, small(ish) groups, and quick trip to Washington. 

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