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Friday, September 07, 2012

His and Hers

I've been wanting to do a little "his and hers" sign to hang above our towels on the bathroom door.  As Jason so kindly pointed out when I was asking  his opinion on the fabric choice, "It'll always be hers and hers, they've got flowers.  Besides, I know which towel is mine."  True enough, these framed his and hers pictures both have flowers.  Also true, we both know which towel belongs to us.  The point?  IT'S FUN! 
Sometimes you just need to bring a little fun into the bathroom.  (umm, sure)
First thing I did?  Found two frames that weren't being used and spraypainted them ORB (oil rubbed bronze).  That way they match, even though they are different sizes and styles.
Next, I found a boy and girl picture here.  Then I linked my computer to my tv and traced the image onto fusible interfacing.
Let's not make a big deal about the fact that I actually tape something to my flatscreen and then trace it.  I press lightly and my husband knows.  :)

After I traced the shapes, I ironed the fabric, and ironed one side of the interfacing onto the wrong side of the fabric!  After I ironed it on, I cut out the shapes. 
Next I peeled off the protective sheet and ironed them on to a piece of scrap linen.

I then laid down the glass from the frames and traced around it.  Finally, I cut them out and put them in the frames!

Here they are, looking lovely against my penny tile! 
They are really meant to go here though! 
I just love how Jason's frame is slightly larger than mine.  Blame it on the "tall girl" syndrome.

PS, I linked up over at Young House Love for their fall pinterest challenge!  Go check out what other bloggers have been inspired to make!  Here's the "his and hers" that inspired me (yes, completely different...but I knew that the whole idea of his and hers was what I was after).

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