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Sunday, September 02, 2012

Date Night

 On Friday night, my sweet son says to me, "Mom, when are we going to have a date?"
So, after dinner we both got "dressed up" (that means I took off my yoga pants) and went to the local restaurant for dessert.  Notice how I said "the" local restaurant?  Yeah, that's because it is the only one within a 15 minute drive that has even decent dessert.  Just so you know, Balfour actually has 3 full time restaurants and 1 seasonal restaurant.  Amazed?  Don't be...they are mediocre at best!

K wanted to dress up, so he put on his tie. 
When I came out of the room, after donning proper pants, he told me, "You look like an angel!" 
One day, he'll make some special woman very happy.  Friday night, it was me!
Look at my handsome little man!
They had play-doh at the restaurant and K wanted me to make him an elephant.  Not bad, if I do say so myself!
Besides creating with play-doh, we had ice cream, watched the ferry leave, and had great conversation!
Here we are, the happy couple!  A sweet man at the table next to us offered to take the photo.
So, what does a mom and her 4 year old talk about on a "date?" 
We chatted about:
-what we wanted to be for Halloween
-jokes...K is a pretty funny little guy that loves to tell jokes!
-what we were proud of each other for
-we were watching a sea gull and a crow interact, so we each pretended to be one and made up a conversation they were having
-the play-doh...we made different shapes for each other (mostly snakes)
-what we wanted to order, of course!
It was so nice to have K out on his own.  He acted like such a gentleman, even opening the door for me!  I can't wait until Shay is old enough to take out on a date too!

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caldwell family said...

I loved this! Thanks for sharing! (Can we still arrange marriages b/c I love this kid!)