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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Black Mamba

You might remember when I introduced you to Frankie.  Well, move over Frankie and make way for "the Black Mamba."  (enter laughter because the movie Megamind is where he got his new name).
Jason has been working so hard on the quad (4-wheeler, atv, whatever you prefer to call it) and it has paid off!  Thanks to a little help from some of our mechanical friends (shout out to Rick and Chris) and a bit of black spray paint, Frankie has been given new life!
I love to watch how excited these boys get when Jason comes home from work.  Oh what?  You didn't know?  This is his new mode of transportation to and from the church.  At least while the weather is good anyway. 
Nearly every afternoon my 3 boys go for a ride up the mountain.  There have been some major gong show moments (like Korban falling asleep, while the dog passed out from exhaustion and Jason got stung by a bee--yes, all on one short trip.  Or running out of gas, on another trip), but ther eis nothing like hearing Shay say "bod, bod" when his Daddy comes driving up! 
The Black Mamba is a hit!  Let's just pray it isn't as deadly as its reptilian counterpart.  No really, please pray. 

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