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Thursday, August 09, 2012

Baker Bash 2012

Baker Bash 2012 happened a few weekends ago!  It is a great time where Jason's side of the family all come together in Priest River, Idaho.  The fun starts on Saturday morning with the Priest River Run for the Berries!

Here are all our kids getting their numbers put on. 

Enough time before the race to pose for a shot!

Looking good team Ashley!

Most of the crew that showed up for the big day.  This is one of the smaller years for attendance, but certainly not in fun!

So proud of Korban, he ran almost the entire mile!  That is quite a feat for a little guy.

Priest River is beautiful.  And, I must say, the water is WAY warmer than where we live. 

While we waited for the medal announcements to be made, there was fun to be had on the bouncy castle.

And the fun was not just to be had by the  kiddos!  (Annie and I were the only adults who braved the course).  See in the picture above, how my elbow is touching the slide?  Yeah, that ended up being one big fat burn mark.  Yowzers!

And you can see by the look on her face, I was not the winner.  Dang it.  And yes, I'll be training in bouncy castle obstacle course all year so I can win a rematch in 2013.  Bring it Andrea!

 All the kids got a medal!  Korban won in the "under 8 female" division, but hey, who's complaining?  (Downside Perks of having a girl last name I guess)

I lost at the bouncy castle, but won where it really counts!  Yup, I found one of the two sets of hidden antlers!  Guess who's going to home depot??  (A huge thanks to Auntie Sharon and Uncle Frank for such awesome prizes!)

Of course, the kiddos had their fun too!  Water balloon pinata?  Now that's fun!
Especially when there's also a prize hiding in there!  Just look at K's cheesey grin!!

Even Shay got in on the action.

Amma got a prize too...a visit with her special boys.

There were lots of firsts this weekend too.  Shay had his first jet ski ride (and loved it).

K had his first ride on a tube.  He made me come along, but could have handled it on his own.  His grin was ginormous.

Even Bailey had her own 1st...a ride in the boat.  We weren't planning on that, but had to haul her in after she wouldn't stop chasing us!

This was another fun tube ride...a first for Shay and Aunt Jackie.  Loved the fact that Aunt Jackie would only let go for a sec, then grabbed tightly on to the handles again.  So sweet!

Baker Bash is something I look forward to each year, and this year's gathering only made it sweeter.  Already looking forward to next year's BB weekend.  Gotta go for now, the bouncy course is waiting!

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