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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

We're In!!

Okay, so I realize (by reading the title of my last post) that it has been a while!  Can you believe we've moved into our home?  The yard is still a dirt sand pile, the basement is unfinished and full of boxes, but the main floor is amazing!  We love it!  Each morning we wake up and are just full of gratitude and wonder at our new home...

Did I mention we couldn't have done it without the help of our moms and our friends?!?  Because OH BOY, moving with an ornery (say, on-ree) 20 month old is tough! 

A few years back a friend of our from Vancouver gave us a very special bottle of wine.  We saved it for nearly 8 years waiting for a big occassion to toast to.  This was it!  And the wine was amazing!  Okay, so the picture is a bit cheesey, but who cares--we enjoyed every minute of our dinner at the best restaurant in town, the Ashley Cafe!  :)

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Eliza said...

WOW your view is amazing! Unbelievable!