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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

High Waters

Did anyone else besides me wear high water pants?  No seriously people, I've got a 36 inch inseam and they didn't make pants that long when I was a pre-teen.  And if you ever suggest I need to shop in men's wear, I'll punch you.  Thankfully a few nice companies have realized tall women exist (models, hello!  tee-hee) and my pants issue has been largely resolved.

Now in other news, our area has had some seriously high waters.  Kootenay lake hasn't been this high in something like over 70 years (don't quote me on that).

A lovely shot of the Osprey 2000 ferry.  Nothing to do with high water or flooding, but I took it from the beach below which has some serious water issues.

This is supposed to be the local boat launch.  See that little out building over there?  Yeah, it has a pump running continuously to keep water out of it. Pretty sure the water line goes a good 10 feet past there normally.

This video is of the flash flooding in Nelson yesterday.  So glad I stayed out of town!  When several inches of water falls in a short period of time the infrastructure just can't handle it...water flows down the hill and floods the main part of the town.  (video from youtube)

And this amazing video was shot just about 60 miles from here in a tiny little community called Johnson's landing.  Unfortunately several homes and 4 lives were lost in this mudslide.

Praying that the rain takes a break and the water levels begin to drop!

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Eliza said...

Unbelievable!! That mudslide blew me away, the way it knocked over those trees like they were dandelions. Stay safe you guys.