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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Dress me up!

It's that time again!  YHL is hosting the summer pinterest challenge.  I know, I know...I shouldn't have even bothered because we moved 2 weeks ago!  But, I had this project on the go, so I thought I'd link up.

Here's the before. Well, I bet you can tell this isn't the same dresser.  It is the cousin to the one I actually finished...sorry I forgot the before picture!

You can see it had some wear and tear in the finish.  It was even left outside for the sprinkler to water once. 

After I got them home, I sanded the top, then primed and painted with a white latex.  Then it sat for 9 months, waiting to be finished.  And the paint chipped off.  Dang. 

Round 2:  I took a quick class on Annie Sloan Chalk paint.  If you haven't discovered the joys of this furniture paint, you're really missing out.  FYI, it isn't sold in hardware stores (yeah, I searched for months before I found out the actual brand of the paint).  So, I put a coat of Annie Sloan (original white) on, then 2 coats of clear wax.  (again, sorry no pictures...the camera was in a box during this stage)

Here are the drawers after being sanded, wiped clean with tack cloth, then stained.  I used Minwax Jacobean, brushing it on with a sponge brush, then wiping it with an old t-shirt.

After the drawers had dried a day, I put one coat of a clear poly on them and wa-la!


And there she is.  She?  Not sure, but I think I should name her Harriette.  Just seems to fit.
Be gentle on the rest of the space, we've only lived here for 2 weeks.  That there are curtains, a bunting, and shelving up is a miracle in itself.

Well, whadda ya think?  I love how it turned out.
If you want to see my original inspiration, you can check it out here.

Just in case your interested, the curtain fabric is an old Anna Marie Horner print and can be found here, the print is an alphabet animal print that I found here, and the rug is from Ikea ($29.00?  what??)

*Like it?  Let me know!!*

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Eliza said...

SO cool! Make me one! ;)