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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Breaking in

I'm learning something about living in a brand new space:  Everything looks lovely and new, but that means you REALLY notice when something gets dirty, dinged, or nicked!

See below....

Case in point, my new patio table and lanterns (thanks Amma!).  Yeah, leaving them outside seems ideal, but not in 35 degree (that's celsius people, do the math!) weather.  Result:  melted candles and wax all over the table.  Breaking it in...

Case number 2:  exploded eggs in the microwave.   Not a good idea anytime, but it especially stings when the first time you have to wipe out the microwave and it looks this bad!  Oopsie! 

Can I just tell you the entire lunch was a gong show!  Under-boiled eggs, shells that refused to come off without taking copious amounts of white with it, and then the explosion (which was a direct result of my under-boiling the eggs and sheer stupidity at not covering them).

Are we enjoying our new home?  No doubt about it.  We're breaking it in like a cowboy trying to tame a wild mustang.  (just in case you're wondering, that simile really has no meaning for me, I know nothing of taming a wild horse!)

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