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Friday, June 01, 2012

One Step at a Time

So, maybe I should have reserved that title for a post about stairs, but that is just too bad!
I have been meaning to update you all with some of our newest house pictures, but dang it if I haven't been so darn busy!  This whole building a house + trying to maintain our normal lives has been pretty tricky these days.  Good, but surely busy!

Here's a shot of our sidiing going up.  They've actually completed that whole side, but I don't have a picture of it yet.  Hardi plank in heathered moss...(not that anyone except me really cares the name of the siding).

Here is a shot of our cupboards going up.  There's a more complete shot below.  I love the dark colour!!

Here is a piece of our countertop, installed.  You can barely tell it in the picture, but it is really a white laminate with subtle gray coloured wood grain.  Yes, I love it!

A shot of the counter, trim, wall colour, and our penny tile.  Can't wait to see that go in.

The laundry room.  I searched hi and low for a bottom sink cabinet that would have a matching top...no such luck.  These are close enough.  Anyone else notice that the sink isn't level?  Yeah, we're gonna fix that.

Our bathroom, beginning to take shape.  Notice the subtle purple hue jumping off the walls.  I didn't want it to be such a stark white next to our bedroom.  I think once it is all done, it will be great!

The master closet.  Not the most exciting picture you've ever seen, but see those shelves?  Let me spell shelf for you...S-T-O-R-A-G-E!!  I've been waiting for a closet like this my whole life.

The kitchen, cabinets done, save for the hardware and countertops & sink in!!

The boys' bathroom.  Those blue legs look out of place now, but soon enough they'll tie in.  (I was going for a "dipped" look, but I think they just look like blue legs).

Thanks for checking out the house...we're super thankful for all the hard work that has been going in to it and can't wait to move in (only 3 or 4 weeks left!!).

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orlandkurtenbach said...

Looks awesome Tracy :P