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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Holy Fat lip Batman!

Oh my boy!  He is a champion at getting fat lips*!  He is 18 months old and today he secured yet another fat lip.  This puts us at a dozen at least.  Poor balance, risk taking, no fear, and who knows what other factors all contribute to his fat lip-iness.  This kid is a pro.  He had a bleeding lip from a fall off his dining chair just yesterday.  Today, it is a double (with bruising on the outside too!), from trying to reach a toy at the bottom of the wooden toybox. 

Still smiling, despite his double fat lip!!

Okay, maybe not smiling so much.  "This hurts momma!"

A little ice to help ease the pain and stop the bleeding.  Oh, the bleeding.  Doctors and nurses everywhere should warn parents about the alarming amount of blood that flows from lip wounds.  It is incredible.  Such a tiny little cut, so much blood!!

Let's hope tomorrow is less fat.  Lipped that is.  Okay, maybe less fat in general.

*Is it fat lip, fatlip, or fat-lip?  Who knows, but you get the point!

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