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Sunday, May 06, 2012

Almost Ready for Paint

So, I understand that some of these pictures may seem redundant to many of you.  I can't help it!  Tiny little steps seem to only take us closer and closer to the day that we can move in.  That doesn't feel so small to me!  All that's left before painting is for the drywall crew to sand and then, voila, paint time!

 Here are two slightly different views of the living room.

The master bedroom.

And a less exciting view, from within the master.  On the left is the bathroom (you can barely see the tub) and the right is the closet.

A view of the great room (living, dining, kitchen) from the master bedroom door.

Down the hall towards the front door.

Into the boys' area:  bathroom on right, K's room straight ahead, and Shay's room on the left.

Alright, so after posting and describing each picture even I'm bored.  Next time I won't put so many and I'll try to have more people in them!  (can you blame a girl for being excited?)

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