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Sunday, April 29, 2012

House Happy

House Happy, yes that's me!  (err, have I titled another post the same thing?)  A lot of little things have been going on lately, all of which add up to a lot of excitement!

We have a furnace and heating ducts!

Windows, windows, and more windows (not to mention all those wires running around)!

Insulation!  Ok, now this is going to sound ridiculous, but I swear that stuff not only looks like cotton candy, but smells like it too.  Maybe not cotton candy, but definitely like sugar that is caramelizing.  Weird.

And we have stain on our lower deck!  Jason and I worked for several hours Saturday morning putting "mushroom" coloured stain on the wood while Peggy (thanks Amma!) watched the boys play in the dirt. 
Speaking of dirt...any landscapers want to help us out?  I need a plan.  Feeling pretty overwhelmed by the huge mound of dirt that is our yard!

One more thing:  dry wall is going up!  One room is totally done (well, not mudded yet, so I guess that isn't totally), so I'll post pictures of that as progress is being made.

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