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Monday, April 02, 2012

A Girl and Her Bathtub

Brace yourself.  You are about to see photos of me in the bathtub.  The only pictures you'll ever see of me in the bathtub.

I have waited nearly 2 and a half years to have a bath.  I just couldn't help but sit down and think of what soon will be...

A little scrub here....

And some major excitement here!  (As you can see...not a whole lot else going on in the house...just a new tub--which I almost spelled "but" at least twice)

There is one more small improvement--do you see all those little black boxes?  The electrical has been roughed in!  You never know until you build a house how hard it is to determine where the switches should go.  While going through the process with our friend/electrician Dan, I also learned that a room has to have an outlet at least 6 feet from the door.  Huh?!?  Who knew?

Coming soon to viewers like you...our basement floor!!

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Peggy Wetmore said...

How exciting - happy to see you so happy!!