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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Crazy like that

Let me give you a little snapshot into my life.  I'm American, living in Canada.  Sometimes I blend in, other times I stick out like the ex-pat that I am.  On Tuesday, a bright sunny day, we went to Lakeside park in Nelson.  This park is amazing...great wooden structures combined with some new plastic spinning toys, all under great big trees and next to the lake.  Usually this park is populated with families - families dressed in hemp clothing, sipping organic (nonfat) lattes, and giving their kiddos (also dressed in hemp clothing) flavourless rice cakes.  Okay, so that is a total charicature, but sometimes it feels that extreme. 

Enter the American and her two boys.  I showed up this week to the park with my Super Big Gulp of Dr. Pepper and cheetos.  Yup, I was feeding myself sugar water and my kids orange food substance.  And I wasn't even wearing hemp!  I should have had on a shirt that said, "Yup, I'm American", just so they didn't wonder!

 Here are a couple of pictures showing off my nutso side of parenting.  Yes, that is my 4 year old son eating chocolate, a rather large portion of it (thanks to his Amma) and on my beige coloured couch to boot! 

Yup, I'm crazy like that!!

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