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Friday, March 02, 2012

Birthday boy...

Four sweet years ago today my boy was born.  I can hardly believe he is so grown up already...writing his name, speaking in triple-syllable words, and wearing pants made for kids 2 years his senior.  Where, oh where, have these 4 years gone?

Our wonderful moms/grammas came up to celebrate!

"Oooh, playmobile!"


"Look, a new mario shirt!"

My boy, 4 years old...

Now he's ready to play with daddy.  Playmobile has so many (really, TOO many) little tiny parts, but it allows for such creative play.

What a sweet smile!

My boy is kind, loving, handsome, smart, and everything else a mom could hope for.  I'm not bragging here, just feeling overwhelmed with love for this little man.  When we named him Korban, we certainly meant it...Gift to God.  I never could have imagined he'd be such a gift to us too!

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Eliza said...

Happy Birthday Korban!!!