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Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Jason took Korban up to our local ski hill for the first time last weekend.  3 years old and ready to hit the slopes!  I will be surpassed in skill before you know it!

Look at these skiis mom!!

Now look at this face....I am a serious skiier!

"Mom, I want to go too!!"

Korban looks so cool!!

Riding the tow rope up, by himself!  I'm so impressed!

I don't know what is better about this video...my boy skiing, or knowing that Jason was skiing backwards and filming at the same time (umm, how can I get him to multi-task like that at home??  ha!).  I am so proud of my boy, skiing at the big-boy hill for the first time, and doing it like a pro.

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Eliza said...

Oh my gosh, so many comments i have for this post! First, Korban is looking a lot more like you these days!
I love the video. "Make pizza, make pizza." then "I can't make pizza!" I'm still laughing! Very impressive that he's on the tow rope. I consider myself an average boarder, but the tow rope makes me nervous and I always fall. It's so good to hear Jason's voice on the video, I miss you guys!