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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Let's Paint!

I actually let Shalem paint today.  I think he is getting the honour of painting a whole 6 months earlier than Korban did.  Watercolours worked great for his first time because if there was going to be any spilling, it would just be water!  (and there wasn't, for the record)

 "What?  Mom's letting me paint??"

Notice how his tongue is sticking out (in the picture above)?  I do this when I'm concentrating or being crafty!  Too funny that he does it also!

And yes, the paint did end up on his face, but not as bad as I imagined!

This face (above) says, "I'm about to do something naughty!"

And this one, "Who me?  You can't be mad at this!" 
And he's right, sometimes.  

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