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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

December Do-over

It's never too late for a little Christmas spirit, right? Since I was such a slacker during the end of 2011, here's a little recap of how it went down...

On the left...Korban out in the wilderness as we pick out our tree. On the right...the tree all done up.

 Here we are at Christmas on Baker St.  It was about -2 degrees C that evening!  Burr!

Korban was absolutely enthralled with Mary, Joseph, and baby Jesus.  He did NOT want to leave their side for long, not even to see the animals!  As we walked to the car he said, "Mom, I forgot to check if baby Jesus was warm enough!  I should go back and give him my gloves!" 

Pancake breakfast with Santa at the Balfour Firehall.

How we wrapped all the presents this year:  brown paper, lace ribbon, and monogrammed letters.  So pretty and simple under the tree!

The first of the performances...Korban was a sheperd and did an amazing job!

The 2nd performance, with his preschool.  (I know this photo is horrible, hence the new camera I saved my pennies for and will be receiving in about 2 weeks!!).  This time they just sang jingle bells.

Above and below:  my two handsome boys, being excited about Christmas!

After opening presents and having a very interesting Christmas dinner, we left to Spokane.  To Amma's house we go...

Can you spot Jason in this photo?  That's him, wearing his new ghillie suit, right in the middle of the photo. 

The view that I got to see while driving from Amma's house to Nana's house.  (if you can't tell, it is my baby asleep!)

And my other baby enjoying his new present from Amma...a giant stuffed horse he named, "Earsy."  (why?  because it has ears of course!)

Now we're at my parents' home in Lacey, WA.  This is the 3rd round of opening presents.  Holy moly...these boys (and parents too) are spoiled!

Eric and the gift I made for him.

Me and my handsome brother!

The boys having fun with grandparents! 

So, there it is guys....the wrap up of December.  We had a whirlwind of a trip, but it was so good to see family and watch the boys in all their excitement. 

Praise God for the birth of Christ, the love of family, and the joy it all brings! 

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