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Monday, October 31, 2011

Shark, Skunk, Elephant, and Biker guy?

Happy Halloween!  We had a great time walking around showing off our cool costumes.  Living in the country sure does have its benefits!  Because there aren't as many kiddos walking around, neighbours sure do give good gifts!  Korban scored 3 sodas, a lot of little bags of chips, and 6 treat bags (each one complete with a dozen or so pieces of candy!)....this is not to mention the houses that gave out full sized candy bars!  What a stash we've accumulated!  Good think we've all got dentist appointments over the next few weeks!!

 Apparently, in Canada, bikers don't wear red bandanas....everyone thought Jason was a pirate!

Korban with his friends, skeleton and bunny!  (notice how sassy bunny is!!)

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